Pahrump woman reunited with her two long-lost cats

Pahrump woman reunited with her two long-lost cats

Originally published on August 3, 2007


Two years ago, Jeanette Schultz lost Chaos and Cabbie, two of her cats.

Last Monday, she was reunited with them, but they were returned to her in far worse condition than she had left them.

When Schultz lost Cabbie, he was a pudgy, 17-pound, orange house cat.

Now he weighs only 6 and a half pounds and has a litany of health problems that’s reportedly costing Schultz $125 a week to treat.

Schultz went straight from the sanctuary to the vet, where she found out the devastating news that Cabbie now had feline AIDS and a five percent chance of survival.

In addition, the tabby was diagnosed with anemia, missing teeth, ear mites, and heart worms.

It takes a battery of medication, from eye drops to pills to intravenous medication given to him two to three times a day just to keep the cat making his rounds from the bed to the cat box to his food dish and back again.

Chaos, on the other hand, is a little thinner than he was when Schultz lost him, but in far better shape.

Schultz’s cats were just two of the 400 that were found within the For Love of Cats and Kittens (FLOCK) sanctuary here at 2171 E. Bond St.

The sanctuary, in which all the cats were found sick, dehydrated, and/or starving, was taken over two weeks ago by the Best Friends Animal Society, whose volunteers are staying at the shelter until each and every cat is treated and adopted.

Chaos and Cabbie were fortunate enough to have been micro chipped and licensed, and reunited with Schultz.

The Pahrump woman reportedly has a number of questions about the sanctuary and the reason her cats were returned to her.

“Why did they (FLOCK) accept them? And, why weren’t they scanning them?” Schultz asked, speaking to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Sherry Woodard, animal behavior consultant for FLOCK, said that chips have already been found in more than 10 cats at the shelter and that people keep coming and looking for lost pets.

According to Woodard, who did not know if FLOCK even had a machine to scan pets, the sanctuary was not even trying to reunite pets with their owners.

FLOCK board members have said the sanctuary was meant to be for feral cats.

Best Friends is actively seeking trained veterinarians to help care for the many cats still remaining at the shelter in dire need of medical care, especially dental care.

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