Gregory Castle Speaks Out

Gregory Castle Speaks Out

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
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We received an e-mail from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary CEO and Founder Gregory Castle in response to our inquiry about what Best Friends was doing to help build the case against FLOCK. We were concerned because the Nye County DA’s investigator had told us that she was getting no response from anyone at Best Friends. After reading Gregory’s e-mail, I firmly believe that the people at Best Friends simply needed time to organize themselves. After all, the arraignment was sprung on all of us rather suddenly.

Gregory has asked us to share his e-mail with everyone and so here it is:

I’m not sure what you’ve heard but actually Best Friends has been significantly involved in the FLOCK case all this week.

Maybe your information predates this.  A Best Friends staff attorney has been talking with the investigator, prosecutor and animal control officer helping prepare the case, offering witnesses, photo and documentary evidence etc., and we are prepared to send at least three people there as witnesses if they want that.  The investigator has been talking to these potential witnesses today. The DA initially did not return calls from our attorney, but has since exchanged messages and knows that we are fully engaged.

At this point rest assured that Best Friends is seriously committed to do what we can to help prosecute the case and encourage a significant penalty.  The DA’s office have told us that they intend to make this a significant prosecution.

You also might like to see this story and petition on Best Friends website posted last Monday.

It would be helpful if you could pass the contents of this email on to the volunteers you know about, so that they have accurate information.  Many thanks.

Best wishes.


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