FLOCK on Trial

FLOCK on Trial

Ziggy – a Casualty

The headline reads, “FLOCK May Finally Go on Trial for the Tragedy in Pahrump.”

Many of us who are still involved with the cats of the Great Kitty Rescue had begun to wonder if this day would ever come. We are the adopters, foster families, caregivers and volunteers who lost their hearts to these feline survivors. We speak on their behalf and fight for justice for the atrocities they suffered at the hands of FLOCK.

As I gaze with love at my own two Great Kitty Rescue cats, Kermit and Sylvester, I am amazed at their resiliency. I try not to let them see my despair at what they and their brothers and sisters lived through. I don’t want them reminded of any of the terror and horror.

Kermit seems to have finally put it all behind him and once again loves life and is a happy, carefree little fellow.

Sylvester has not yet achieved that surety. Sometimes when he wakes from a deep sleep, I see a look in his eyes. It is a look of deep fear, pupils fully dilated and breathing rapid. Thankfully, it passes quickly as he realizes that he is safe in his forever home and he looks straight at me and gives me sweet eyes.

We volunteer regularly at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and so continue to spend time with cats from the Great Kitty Rescue. Some are still afraid, but most understand that they have been saved, that they will always have enough food and fresh water. They know that they are well cared for and loved. And that brings us all some peace of mind, heart and spirit.

Mingled with the joy of seeing these cats thrive is the sorrow. The sorrow for those who we could not save. The sorrow for those whose bodies are aged beyond their chronological years. The sorrow for those who we watch helplessly decline and pass way too soon and before their spirits are ready to go.

Please show your support for the cats by signing the Prosecute FLOCK for animal neglect and cruelty petition imploring Nye County District Attorney Robert S. Beckett to prosecute the people of FLOCK to the fullest extent of the law. You may also contact him directly at:

Robert S. Beckett, District Attorney
1520 E. Basin Ave.
Pahrump, NV 89060
Ph: (775) 751-7080
Fax: (775) 727-5234

Thank you.

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