The Story of the Great Kitty Rescue – Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Reported by Peter J. Wolf -

The people who eventually came to the aid of the FLOCK cats referred to the worst of them — which were little more than skin and bones — as “pancakes.” There were 748 cats in all when Nye County Animal Control seized control of a Pahrump rescue sanctuary last July. The facility was owned and operated by FLOCK (For the Love of Cats and Kittens), a non-profit organization based in Las Vegas. Operation of the sanctuary was immediately handed over to Best Friends Animal Society.

Although stories differ about how operations at the FLOCK sanctuary came so completely off the rails, there is general agreement about the resulting conditions. Many of the cats — like the facility itself — were filthy. Most of them were starving and dehydrated, their only activity limited to finding what little shade was available. Read the rest of this entry »

Great Kitty Rescue Education

I have spent so much time involved with the cats of the Great Kitty Rescue and the rescue people involved over the past few years, that it is ingrained in my daily life.

Hope for the cats of the Great Kitty Rescue

So, this past week when I met Claudene, the head of the Cat Petting Program at our local animal care facility, I was taken by surprise when I found out that she knew nothing about it.

I gave her an overview of the institutional hoarding situation in Pahrump, NV and subsequent rescue by Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Being a cat lover and cat rescuer, she was horrified by the details.

It is not that I want to stay immersed in the past. As I explained to Claudene, I want people to know about it for a number of reasons.

Practically, I want people to be aware of potential hoarding situations and do not be afraid to report them.

Emotionally, I want to pay homage to the cats – both those who suffered and died needlessly and those who continue to thrive.

I also believe that there are numerous lessons that everyone involved has learned about cat behavior and cat care. And make no mistake, the cats from the Great Kitty Rescue continue to grow and evolve and so we continue to learn from them.

These insights can benefit rescue cats everywhere if we share our experiences and spread our knowledge. And that is what we will do.